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The Original French Press

Most folks know that I have a serious addiction errrr… love for coffee, especially good coffee. A discussion over at the V7N led me on a search for a Chambord (The Original French Press) by Bodum. It was supposed to be as simple as heading over to a nearby Target, pick up the coffee maker, then come home and enjoy …

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Hamming It Up

She is back from summer vacation and hamming it up for the camera! A quick run out to the river and she is sure to ditch her shoes . . . and play in the water . . . Gosh, it is so good to have her back home again!

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Fairy Tale Dreams

Watching the sun go down on fairy tale dreams, the warm breeze caressing my face and drying my tears, bringing blessed acceptance and closure to what is, and what is not to be . . .

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From The Outside In

Walking through the neighborhood Seeing the homes with well kept yards Dogs barking, children playing and laughing Curiously detached yet hearing people talking Staring at the couples holding hands Witnessing all this without emotion For you are not part of it, you are alone, watching the world, from the outside in Welcoming the numbness for now You begin to run, …

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But For The Grace of God

It isn’t often that I get involved in the political discussions within the online community that I run. Today though, one of the conversations set off a strong feeling of anger inside of me. It took everything I had not to ask people what in the hell was wrong with them. They were ranting about homeless people, telling the stories …

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