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Random Rambling

Remember when we were young and spent HOURS riding bikes and never got tired? Why is it that now we call it exercise and dread it as if we were fixin’ to have a root canal? Why is it that people only discuss food when I am starving to death? Is there really an “off” button on a computer? Have …

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Afraid Of The Dark

I am afraid of the dark. I have been as long as I can remember. As a child, the darkness represented the monsters in the world. I remember hiding under the covers at night because my mind decided that if I couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see me either. It made perfect sense to me. As I grew up, the …

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Work In Progress

I am crazy about reflections! I love seeing light reflect off the water and glass buildings that reflect the sky and clouds. In life, often we see our reflections in others. Working my way through the different levels of tech support for a router issue today, had me more than a little cranky. In fact, initially, I am guessing I …

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Focused On One Thing

Inside the mind of an ADHD Cricket is usually a mess of complete chaos that no one but me is likely to understand, the non-stop chatter of my thoughts jumping all over the place (and back again) until I can focus. How in the heck is there over 1000 emails in my inbox again? Good morning kitty cat, yes I …

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One Step Forward

We have all had one of those days that feel as if we take one step forward and then at least three steps (or a dozen) back. You’ve had those days too, right? Today it was my turn. Every decision I made seemed to result in several new things that needed to be done, and each of those things needed …

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