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Homeschool Outside The Box

I wanted to give another example of “thinking outside the box” when homeschooling.

As I mentioned in an earlier article, my son struggled with learning disabilities.

They labeled him dyslexic, and he never quite got past that. Six years into public school he had not learned to print or sign his name.

This had a tremendous impact on his self confidence and increased his rebellion when it came to anything involving “learning”.

I knew that if I could somehow teach him to sign his name that he might have some confidence to want to learn more.

Paper and pencil were out of the question at this point, as it led to serious arguments.

I began to research everything I could get my hands on. Finally, a possible solution was right in front of my face.

I asked my son if he would go shopping with me. He was absolutely willing if it meant we were leaving the house and learning behind.

Off to Wal-Mart we went.

We bought 20 cans of shaving cream.

He was absolutely positive that I had lost my mind.

When we got home, I told him that I needed him to cover the table in shaving cream.

Of course he had a blast making sure that not only the table, but both of us were covered in that dang shaving cream.

We began drawing things in the shaving cream.

Pretty soon I showed him how easy it was to DRAW his name in it and erase it as often as he wanted.

We ended up with one heck of a mess to clean up, but we were both laughing.

About 90 minutes into it, my son could DRAW his name, both first and last.

All this to say . . .

Relax and have fun . . .

If you let them, your child will show you how to teach them.

Thanks For Being A Part Of My Life!

Cricket Walker

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