A New Journey

Whispering Thank You


Browsing through the news today, I found myself remembering this old song by Anne Murray. (Yeah, I really am that old!) I thought of her words, of wanting to hear a little good news today. I realized that not much has changed over the years.

It seems that sometimes we get so hung up on things we cannot control that we forget about those simple things in life that matter, right here, right now.

One of the reasons I love doing a photo journey challenge now and then is because it forces me to slow down for a moment and see the little things all around me. Things I might normally miss.

Shadows In The Sky

Once again I begin to remember to savor my first cup of coffee in the morning while watching the birds at the feeder, instead of gulping it without even tasting it while reading about wars and political mud slinging.

Why do we fill our minds with so much negativity?

Life is about friends, family, loving, laughing, and truly living.

When I focus on the little things, instead of nonstop fussing with my cat to leave me alone when I am trying to work, I stop, if only for a moment or two, and look into those eyes, the eyes of an animal that adores me, loves me unconditionally, even when I forget to appreciate how blessed I am to have her companionship.

Then I hug her close to me and whisper thank you.

If I’m aware of these little things, when that split second of raw emotion is in front of me, the kind of moment that brings me to my knees with love, I won’t miss it. I will close my eyes, sigh, and once again, I will find myself whispering, thank you…

Haley Holding Her Niece Bentlei

A New Journey Day Ten

Cricket Walker

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